Benjamin Maus, Torsten Posselt and Frederic Gmeiner

These artists collaborated to create some captivating architectural photography. Using multiple images, compiled into one, they reconstructed familiar environments to create a new reality. This series is called Local Distance.

I love how natural light of the environment portrays in the images. Each fragment representing a different light source. It appears that the white balance is different for each portion of the compositions. This creates dynamism and visual separation of the pieces.

localdistance-org_untitled2 localdistance-org_funkhaus 61

more here

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Rebecca Daniels

Daniels Captures beautiful photographs of architecture. Her thoughtful cropping results in fascinating compositions. Her images hold an emphatic focus on the geometry within the forms represented. The even light and aft shad downs make me assume she shoots in cloudy environments or close to dawn/dusk. I enjoy the definite detail within all aspects of the photographs, all in crisp focus and evenly exposed.

rebeccadaniels_abstract1 rebeccadaniels_abstract2 rebeccadaniels_abstract4_0

more here

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Richard Schulman

Schulman is a massively accomplished photographer, particularly in the realm of architecture. However, today I am commenting on some of his portraits.

This portrait of Andy Warhol looks a great deal like a painting. Soft focus and strong textures. The color interaction between the sweater and the wood creates a compelling atmosphere. The single direction of light, with subtle hi lights on his cheek and sweater focus your eye on the face; framed by the shadow.


Again here, Schulman has used a beautiful combination of complementary colors. Although I’m not in love with the eight direction from the bottom, there is an awkward shad down on the models forehead. The focus is beautiful, I enjoy the shadow being sharp, with the cool tone light not affecting the figure.


In these images I love the intersecting shadows, creating new forms from the people and objects existing within the real space.



There is so much more amazing work on Schulman’s website.

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MOTIF wine (Stefan Leitner)

So this isn’t really about the work of a specific photographer, rather the campaign for a product. MOTIF Fine Art Wine creates visual imagery that represents the taste of the wine. In a way they attempt to allow you to see the flavor, which is a very compelling concept. Here I have selected some of the images they have for promotional purposes. In their wine philosophy, the motif on each bottle is of paramount importance, which they have portrayed in their ad campaign. In the image where the background is the same pattern as the bottle, there is sublet separation of object and background, but a good balance of motif/ subject. The motif does compete for attention, but the imagery is of equal importance to the wine; so in this instance, the visual is effective.

There are soft hi lights, with subtle gradient over the curvature of the bottle, the darker backgrounds enhance the saturation of the colors within the labels and add a degree of mystery and intrigue. Varying focus and spacing makes dynamic compositions.

MOTIF-Fine-Art-Wine2 MOTIF-Fine-Art-Wine10 MOTIF-Fine-Art-Wine14 MOTIF-Fine-Art-Wine12

Client — Motif Wine

Studio — EN GARDE, Australia
Concept — Mario Rampitsch, Franz Lammer
Graphic Design and Art Direction — Kristina Bartosova
Photography — Stefan Leitner
Web Design — Kristina Bartosova, Markus Sworcik
Web Development — Alexander Winkler, Georg Knabl

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Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau is a mixed media artist. While i appreciate it, I am not an avid fan of most of her work, however she has some work that stands out. In her latest photography/ fashion/ conceptual series she has created some beautiful images. Her general aesthetic is rather dark and heavy, but these works have a ‘Mucha‘ quality to them, appearing soft and tauntingly captivating. They exude femininity and power. The soft, even lighting with the cool overtone make a dramatic atmosphere, that is felt outside of the picture plane. The shadows are so subtle that they almost disappear.

Natalie-Shau Natalie-Shau2 Natalie-Shau5 Natalie-Shau11

Click here for more of Shau’s work.

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Sylwana Zybura

Madame Peripetie aka Sylwana Zybura is a Polish photographer and a creative director based in Germany. Her series entitled ‘Dream Sequence’ gives a visually refreshing take on portrait photography. Her juxtaposition of foliage and fibers with the models is beautiful. This combination creates textural contract and heightens the idea of the living, the natural. The colors are beautiful saturated shot against a contracting background with a smooth cool toned gradient of both color and texture.

View more of her work here.

Madame-Peripetie4 Madame-Peripetie8 Madame-Peripetie13

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Lakin Ogunbanwo

Lakin Ogunbanwo’s style is fascinating to me. His compositions are undeniable dynamic, unpredictable and defy the norms of artistic law. If there are any laws governing art technicalities, if there are laws, his work breaks them. His color pairings are beautiful, with each photograph having a single bold color, slightly more saturated then the other colors. The bold color is softened by a muted complementary color, genius! I particularly enjoy his portraits of people standing in front of printed portraits of themselves. The strong hi light brings focus the the subjects, creating tension with the dark skin tone and bold, yet controlled shadows.

1  High-Res(3) done_2   tumblr_nd90xh01E41qhxxbno2_250 tumblr_nd90xh01E41qhxxbno6_250    tumblr_nd90xh01E41qhxxbno8_500

Go admire his work in total awe and appreciation here.

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